DDU donates to help women and children from sexual abuse and trafficking

In light of the “Me Too” movement, and the geopolitical crisis of sexual abuse and trafficking of women and children, The Divine Daughters chose to donate to two new organizations. The DDU chose to focus on foundations that have the same mutual goal as ours- helping protect women and children from sexual abuse and trafficking. This gives us great pleasure to know that our proceeds go to such admirable foundations. The following foundations are, “The Joyful Heart Foundation”, and “Destiny Rescue.”

According to the United Nation Millennium Report of 2012, “There were 456 million workers in the world living below the $1.25 a day poverty line in 2011.” This concludes there are billions of unprivileged people around the world desperate to find a way to support their families financially, especially in third world countries. So desperate some are willing to sell illegal drugs or even their own children into the sex industry. Destiny Rescue and The Joyful Heart Foundation aim to empower the poor and destitute, so situations like this do not continue to happen.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the Divine Daughters Unite were able to donate $1,000 to each foundation. We look forward to continuing our mission to awaken the divine daughter in us all by selflessly serving the world, and spreading love everywhere we can.



About Divine Daughters Unite

Divine Daughters Unite
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