A mothers love?

90ab1d68-a9a3-48a5-9b0e-2a8b63d1074dHow far would a mother go to save her children? At what lengths would she go to to save the ones she loves? Endlessly, many of you might say. I am here to tell you, you are right.

I am sure everyone is aware of the mass amounts of people seeking asylum at the Mexico/United States boarder. It has been plastered on news stations, billboards, and all over the radio waves. With all of these horrifying pictures, stories, and news segments – why do we still choose to talk badly about the mothers that have undergone unspeakable conditions, for hope of offering a better life for their families?

It is easy to criticize these people, as we have never been in their shoes. I encourage you to take a step back, and ask yourself- “If my children and I were living in horrible conditions, unsure of the roof over our head, and scrounging for our next meal, would I continue to raise my kids in this awful state- or would I take my chances and migrate to a better life?”

We, The Divine Daughters Unite, see you. We offer our deepest respect and prayers for all mothers and fathers suffering through this hell. We want you to know that we understand why you are doing this, and stand behind you 100%. Love and light to all.



Photo Credit- LA Times


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