DDU helps 565 impoverished women in Quilali

Last year Divine Daughters Unite donated medical equipment to Casa Materna in Quilali. Casa Materna is a group home and health care facility that is run by nurses and provides excellent care to the impoverished women they serve. DDU donated a fetoscope to monitor babies during pregnancy and a goose neck lamp to aid in gynecological exams of their mothers.


In 2017 Casa Materna  provided care for 565 women in Quilali Nicaragua. Some of these women must travel four hours by foot to receive maternal health care. They stay at Casa Materna when they are close to delivering their babies and for a couple of weeks afterwards until mother and infant are strong enough to go home.


Improving health care for women improves the health and well being of the entire family. When women are given access to quality health care services and health education their children are healthier and their families wellbeing inc,using financial improves. Helping women serves to improve not just their families but the entire community.


DDU is honored to help. You can help us help women by donating here. 

Thank you for your generous support!


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Divine Daughters Unite
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