A mothers love?

90ab1d68-a9a3-48a5-9b0e-2a8b63d1074dHow far would a mother go to save her children? At what lengths would she go to to save the ones she loves? Endlessly, many of you might say. I am here to tell you, you are right.

I am sure everyone is aware of the mass amounts of people seeking asylum at the Mexico/United States boarder. It has been plastered on news stations, billboards, and all over the radio waves. With all of these horrifying pictures, stories, and news segments – why do we still choose to talk badly about the mothers that have undergone unspeakable conditions, for hope of offering a better life for their families?

It is easy to criticize these people, as we have never been in their shoes. I encourage you to take a step back, and ask yourself- “If my children and I were living in horrible conditions, unsure of the roof over our head, and scrounging for our next meal, would I continue to raise my kids in this awful state- or would I take my chances and migrate to a better life?”

We, The Divine Daughters Unite, see you. We offer our deepest respect and prayers for all mothers and fathers suffering through this hell. We want you to know that we understand why you are doing this, and stand behind you 100%. Love and light to all.



Photo Credit- LA Times


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DDU donates to help women and children from sexual abuse and trafficking

In light of the “Me Too” movement, and the geopolitical crisis of sexual abuse and trafficking of women and children, The Divine Daughters chose to donate to two new organizations. The DDU chose to focus on foundations that have the same mutual goal as ours- helping protect women and children from sexual abuse and trafficking. This gives us great pleasure to know that our proceeds go to such admirable foundations. The following foundations are, “The Joyful Heart Foundation”, and “Destiny Rescue.”

According to the United Nation Millennium Report of 2012, “There were 456 million workers in the world living below the $1.25 a day poverty line in 2011.” This concludes there are billions of unprivileged people around the world desperate to find a way to support their families financially, especially in third world countries. So desperate some are willing to sell illegal drugs or even their own children into the sex industry. Destiny Rescue and The Joyful Heart Foundation aim to empower the poor and destitute, so situations like this do not continue to happen.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the Divine Daughters Unite were able to donate $1,000 to each foundation. We look forward to continuing our mission to awaken the divine daughter in us all by selflessly serving the world, and spreading love everywhere we can.



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DDU helps 565 impoverished women in Quilali

Last year Divine Daughters Unite donated medical equipment to Casa Materna in Quilali. Casa Materna is a group home and health care facility that is run by nurses and provides excellent care to the impoverished women they serve. DDU donated a fetoscope to monitor babies during pregnancy and a goose neck lamp to aid in gynecological exams of their mothers.


In 2017 Casa Materna  provided care for 565 women in Quilali Nicaragua. Some of these women must travel four hours by foot to receive maternal health care. They stay at Casa Materna when they are close to delivering their babies and for a couple of weeks afterwards until mother and infant are strong enough to go home.


Improving health care for women improves the health and well being of the entire family. When women are given access to quality health care services and health education their children are healthier and their families wellbeing inc,using financial improves. Helping women serves to improve not just their families but the entire community.


DDU is honored to help. You can help us help women by donating here. 

Thank you for your generous support!


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DDU helps victims of Thomas Fire

4173CC8F-227F-4AD1-9715-2E5577BC35D6I am so very honored to be part of a non profit that digs deep to help those near and far. Today, DDU donated $2000 to help victims of the Thomas Fire. Thanks to Help of Ojai, Divine Daughters Unite is able assist those families who lost their homes in the biggest fire in California history.

Thousands of people were displaced by the fire that ravaged Ventura County on December 4th, 2017.

DDU donation funds were distributed for 2017 to support:

Casa Materna in Quilali, Nicaragua


as well as impoverished women though Gabriel’s House in Oxnard, California


and young women through Building Blocks for Kids in Santa Clarita, California.


Thank you for your kind support!

When you heal a woman, you help heal her family, her community, her world!

Please help us help others by donating now. 

May you blessed with an abundantly joyous and healthy 2018!


Deborah Maragopoulos FNP

Founder of DDU

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DDU Supports Gabriel’s House




This year Divine Daughters Unite chose to support Gabriel’s House.

We were very impressed with the work that they do, providing transitional living and emergency shelter for women with children in our own Ventura County. Women who’d otherwise be homeless whether it’d be from leaving an abusive home, or suddenly becoming widowed to any other adversity.

Along with shelter they also provide food, clothing, counseling,  and help with planning and organizing for the future to essentially get back on their feet.

We were lucky enough to meet women from Gabriel’s House at our local radio station Q95.9 for Kat’s Kause. DDU donated $500 and two baskets full of school supplies, household supplies, and toiletries like toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo among other personal necessities.

We spoke with Director of Operations, Cindy Wilson, and a resident of the house who was able to share a little of her story with us.  She shared that unlike other shelters, Gabriel’s House allowed her and her older child to take advantage of the opportunity. With her second child on the way, she was very optimist of what her future holds and expressed how Gabriel’s House was the light at the end of her tunnel.

Personally this experience was absolutely amazing. Coming from a family with immigrant parents, I know life can be very tough while facing adversities. Giving someone hope in a time of despair is genuinely gratifying. With all the chaos from this year’s election, I was so happy to be able to give back this holiday season and continue to do what I was born to do – help people.

If you’d like to read more about Gabriel’s House you can visit their website at http://www.tkcoxnard.org


Gaby Tapia, Board Director






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DDU helps Improve Health Care in Quilali

We did it! The hospital in Quilali just got their new microscope thanks to Divine Daughters Unite.

After assessing the needs of the hospital while in Nicaragua in December, it was clear that DDU could make the most difference by purchasing this needed piece of equipment.

Earlier that day I had assessed that the secondary school needed a microscope for their science lab. So when the laboratory director of the hospital shows me the sorry state of their old microscope, DDU had a wonderful opportunity to help improve both education and health care.

I met with the mayor of Quilali who personally assured me that DDU’s donation of funds would go to purchase the microscope for the hospital and the old microscope would go to the school.

The mayor and the director of the hospital laboratory traveled seven hours one way to purchase the Olympus microscope with funds donated by DDU.

How exciting for Quilali’s hospital, high school, patients and students who will benefit from improved health care and educational opportunities!

Thank you, DDU, for this opportunity to serve.

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Last Day – Time to Go Home

December 22nd – the Solstice. There is no sleep on the eve of the longest night.

Up at 1:30 am to drive to the airport under the full moon. I am accompanied by Elizabeth and her sister Erika. On the two hour drive, I suggest that Elizabeth purchase the sheets for Casa Materna while they are here but she explains that the wholesale market is not open. Erika describes the poor working conditions for Nicaraguan laborers at the Chinese owned textile mills. I wonder why China has come to Nicaragua.

It’s because of the canal. Construction will begin this coming year. European and Chinese interests are funding it. Nicaraguans will build it. The plan is to widen the existing river – San Rio. The Panama Canal will become obsolete. Importation to and from Asia and Europe will through this wider deeper Canal will change the face of Nicaragua. When I speak my concern of communities and wildlife existing by the river and the loss of the fresh water, my hosts agree that the canal will destroy much virgin land. Progress comes at a great price to the new heart of the earth.

I learn that Erika has taken in an impoverished girl from the mountains. She clothes her, feeds her, pays for her education. Her mother says there’s no need to go to school when all she’s destined to live hand to mouth having baby after baby. The fifteen year old does not want to spend Christmas with her family. If she stays in town with Erika and finishes her education, she just might have a chance to break the cycle of poverty.

Mangua international airport is small but modern. I am on the first flight out of the country. Elizabeth and her sister stay with me until I pass through security. I promise to text them when I arrive. Although I cannot get the special Nicaraguan aged rum with my connection in San Salvador, I have enough mountain grown coffee, honey and rosquillas to share when I get home to Ojai.

This has been the adventure of a lifetime. So much accomplished in less than a week. I hope we have changed lives. I know my life is changed.

Quilali, I’ll be back.


donate button Thank you for helping us help them!

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