Nicaraguan Relief Trip 2015 – Day 1

The longest day. Elizabeth and I put in a full day of work –she creates beautiful bridal gowns and I heal the Hormonally Challenged—before my husband drives us and too much luggage to LAX.


 A midnight flight lands us seven hours later in the winter heat of Managua. Greeted by my companion’s kind cousins, we are escorted to the city of Masaya – just beneath one of the most active volcanos in Latin America. Nicaragua is the land of volcanos and lakes – fire and water.

volcanic lagoon heart of the earth


We begin our explorations at a beautiful volcanic lagoon – Apoyo – its name means to offer support. A California girl at heart, I change into a bikini and take a dip with Mom. Mom supported me in all my endeavors, even founding Divine Daughters Unite – Apoyo to offer support to women across the world.  I’ve brought her ashes with me. She loves to travel. The water is warm and clear. It feels as if we are in the heart of the earth. A perfect place to leave a sprinkle of the original Divine Daughter.

 sprinkling Mom's ashes in lagoon.JPG

This is a spirit journey. Sharing Divine Daughter energy with our sisters in Nicaragua. But first connecting to the Mother Earth – her heart, her soul.


These people have been through much. While Mom was danced on American Bandstand, our Nicaraguan family was in the midst of a revolutionary war that didn’t end until my children were in elementary school. In spite of the fear and poverty endured by a war torn land, the people are kind of heart and generous of spirit.

 at the volcano masaya.JPG

We end the day at the mouth of one of the most active volcanos in Latin America. Here, too, I sprinkle Mom. The acrid smoke rising from the crater reminds me that every breath is sacred. Breath is spirit. Here at the volcano Masaya, Mother Earth shares Her sacred breath with us.

the crater.JPG

Tomorrow we begin our journey to Quilali…

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