Quilali welcomes DDU!

I am the eyes, ears, and hands this year for Divine Daughters Unite.

Quilali welcomed our help.


Sharing our lunch with children playing by the river



In six days, I helped deliver 55 baskets of food and supplies donated by Divine Daughters Unite, delivered backpacks to primary school children, scholarships to high school students, fit dozens of children with new shoes, delivered infant and maternity clothing to Casa Materna, and fit nursing home residents with new shoes. I evaluated the local hospital for medical needs, met with the hospital director, the mayor and a private physician who will act as my sponsor for next year’s medial relief trip.



The hospital needs a new colposcope


Many thanks to my patients and customers as 10% of Genesis Health Products sales made the week before I left bought a new microscope for the hospital laboratory with the old microscope going to the high school.  


I will return to teach the nurses and physicians more effective ways to evaluate and treat the women who are at greatest risk. When you heal a woman, you heal her family and her community. This is the mission of Divine Daughters Unite – to empower women to transform their world!



Elizabeth’s cousin, Dr Galeano, asks me to come back


Join me on this amazing journey. I was too busy and without internet to post while I was gone, so following is each heartfelt day on Divine Daughters Unite Nicaraguan Relief trip.

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Thank You!

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Divine Daughters Unite
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