I am So Grateful for YOU!

As the year comes to a close, I wonder at all the transformative happenings across the world and how it has changed each and every one of us. I for one am grateful, very grateful for the changes. Change is hard, but necessary for our evolution. I am in a unique position as a health care provider to help others through difficult transitions in their lives. My patients make me ponder life more deeply, receive the lessons and pass on what I’ve learned. 

This year I chose to end it by taking a 100 Day Gratitude Challenge. I’m nearly half way through and it is transforming my life. Gratitude is shifting my attitude. An appropriate way to begin a new year, yet a sweet way to live every day. 

One thing I am really grateful for is the opportunity to help other women across the world through Divine Daughters Unite. This year alone DDU has helped over a dozen women get back on their feet, support their families, and obtain education, food, and medical care. 

I know it’s hard right now with this recession for people to give…yet by giving we receive so much more! And it doesn’t take much…your $25 membership supports DDU and allows us to help so many more… 

I am grateful for you…for your light and your generosity. Thank you for joining DDU and helping us help women in need. 

Love and Light, 

Deborah Maragopoulos MN FNP

President of Divine Daughters Unite




About Divine Daughters Unite

Divine Daughters Unite
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