Giving Back…

We recently voted to donate funds raised in 2010 to an organization that loans money to working individuals in order to financially support their businesses. The program allows people to start or maintain their business, and unfortunately, without financial support these businesses would falter. Divine Daughters Unite currently has loans with the below six women (the seventh woman has repaid her loan in full)! These women are from around the world including the Philippines, Peru, Kenya, Cambodia, El Salvador and Azerbaijan. As these women pay back their loans the money is then available to loan to another entrepreneur in need!

Encouraging women to be self-sufficient, by providing them with the financial means that they would not ordinarily qualify to receive, is just one way Divine Daughters Unite supports women around the world. As a woman, I am incredibly proud to be a member of this organization and so should you!

Recent Loans


Farming, Peru

0% repaid

Josephine Kalondu Kamonyi

Grocery Store, Kenya

0% repaid

Kov Chantha

Soft Drinks, Cambodia

0% repaid

Yeiza Dantes

Construction Supplies, Philippines

0% repaid

Maria Angela

General Store, El Salvador

0% repaid

Naila Rahmanova

Poultry, Azerbaijan

50% repaid

 Vera Oreyie

Food Market, Nigeria

100% repaid

Happy Holidays,

Anna Porcellino

About Divine Daughters Unite

Divine Daughters Unite
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